IV Therapy will rehydrate, energize, and replenish your body. IV therapy strengthens your immune system and supports whole body wellness. We offer customized IV drips based on your needs and goals. From symptom management of a hangover, to maintaining a balance of electrolytes to maintain optimal health and beauty.

Available at Estes Park, CO and Charlotte, NC locations.

Mobile and group services available.

10 benefits of IV hydration therapy for your health and wellness

💧 A great way to rehydrate

💧 A weight loss kick starter

💧 Helps your athletic performance

💧 A fast and pain-free pick-me-up

💧 Boosts your immune system

💧 Great for healthier skin

💧 Ideal for people with conditions that cause nutritional deficiencies

💧 Increases your energy levels

IV Drip Menu

💧Get Up & Go- Energy Boost

💧B-lean – Weight Loss 

💧Immunity – Prevent illness and feel better faster

💧 Inner Beauty – Fortify hair, skin, and nails

💧 Reboot – Hangover relief

💧 Recovery & Performance – Reduce recovery time 

💧 Alleviate – Headache & PMS relief

💧 Quench – Hydration 

Special consideration for Estes Park residents and visitors:

Dry climate + high altitude = dehydration

Then add to that the fact that the majority of Estes Park residents and visitors are extremely active, further exacerbating the impact of dehydration. 

Over indulging on vacation is relatively common….especially with the number of stellar restaurants, bars, breweries, and distilleries in Estes. If you’ve had a hangover at these altitudes, you know it’s quite different than at sea level 🤢 

Dehydration can lead to headaches, nausea, wrinkles, altitude sickness, fatigue, insomnia, lightheadedness, blood pressure issues, and other more serious complications. 

Our IV options offer not only hydration, but a boost of energy with important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are more readily used by the body in an IV than if consumed. Customized drips include 

💧Immune Booster

💧Hydration Multiplier 

💧Vitamin B Energy Booster

💧Recovery (Zofran and Toredol for symptom relief for those that have over-imbibed) 

Make it a date! Relax and unwind with friends and experience the many benefits of IV therapy in Estes! We are mobile and are happy to come to you. Group sessions are available and are perfect for wedding and vacation groups. 

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